Barbara Tucker presents The BCrew “Music Remedy” (BStar Music Group)

Barbara Tucker presents The BCrew is set to shake up the music scene with Music Remedy, the electrifying first single from their eagerly anticipated EP, RIZN.

Renowned Queen of House Music, Barbara Tucker, founded the group back in 1997 and members now include sensational singers Dawn Tallman, Mitch Matlock and Charlotte Smalls. These Divas are ready to give you some brand new music, kicking things off with Music Remedy. With the original produced by Grammy Winner Maurice Joshua, it clocks in at roughly five and a half minutes, pulsating at 123 bpm and kicking off with a dynamic 48-second intro, masterfully weaving soulful vocalizations to set the stage. The vocal depth is emphasized by the creative overlay of various harmonious elements, enhancing the lyrical narrative while maintaining a vibrant soundscape. The exquisite layering of bass, rhythmic percussion, funky guitar, and swirling electronic elements come together to support the soaring vocals, creating a cohesive and captivating sound. The track delivers just the right amount of dynamic diversity with a stylistic breakdown section, tastefully interlaced with a spoken vocal segment. By the time Music Remedy comes to an end, listeners will find themselves entranced in the track’s hypnotic vibe, singing along to the catchy hook, and instinctively reaching for the replay button for another immersive experience.

This package also includes an impressive set of bonus remixes by 2 of Chicago’s finest, namely Georgie Porgie and Emmaculate, who keep in step with the stylings stemming from the birthplace of House Music.

With its balanced production, impressive instrumentation, and authentic vocal delivery, this single is set to win over not only the existing fans of The BCrew but also the hearts of music enthusiasts seeking fresh new sounds. Stay tuned and follow The BCrew on their social media platforms to stay up to date with their upcoming releases and performances. A Record Release Party on June 22 for Music Remedy in New York City at Pianos is set to be announced soon!

Executive Producers: Barbara Tucker and James Germany
Produced, Composed, Arranged and Mixed by Maurice Joshua (Heymo!aprilemi, ASCAP)
Lyrics Written by Barbara Tucker (Barbara Tucker Music, BMI)
Performed by Barbara Tucker, Dawn Tallman, Charlotte Small, and Mitch Matlock
Additional Remix and Production by Georgie Porgie, Emmaculate
All Rights Reserved ©℗ BStar Music Group (BMI)

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