Barbara Tucker Presents The BCrew “Grace” (BStar Music Group)

Barbara Tucker presents The BCrew is set to drop its much-anticipated single, GRACE, on August 23rd worldwide. They continue on their gorgeous uplifting signature gospel house sound and follow up to their smash hit debut Music Remedy.

The track reveals a captivating blend of rhythmic complexity and melodic charm that resonates at a compelling 124bpm. The track kicks off with an immediately engaging percussive rhythm that sets the stage for a captivating listening experience. Harmonious keys intertwine effortlessly with a robust bassline and dynamically panned instruments, paving the way for the prominent vocals to shine.

Grace demonstrates a masterful blend of diverse elements, each layer contributing to an immersive and upbeat vibe. Its unforgettable hook line, ‘If it wasn’t for your grace,’ lingers in your memory long after the track concludes, urging you to delve back into its melodic embrace by smashing that repeat button. The song’s sonic landscape features clever shifts in intensity, interspersed with varied instrumental arrangements and catchy vocal melodies, offering a refreshing dynamic diversity that ensures the listener’s engagement from beginning to end.

Originally produced by House impresario Kyle “Small” Smith (Ally-Us “Follow Me”), ‘Grace’ comes complete with full journey, fully funked up remixes by French house producers Young Pulse and some of the baddest Dub versions of a vocal house tune out right now by Chicago favorite Emmaculate.

Executive Producers: Barbara Tucker and James Germany
Original Mix Produced by Kyle “Small” Smith
Lyrics Written by Barbara Tucker (Barbara Tucker Music, BMI)
Performed by Barbara Tucker, Dawn Tallman, Charlotte Small, and Mitch Matlock
Additional Remixes and Production by Young Pulse, Emmaculate
All Rights Reserved ©℗ BStar Music Group (BMI)


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