Kev Dot Kruz “Destiny” / “Sum’n Goin On” (dotdotdot records)

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New York City mainstay and house producer extraordinaire Kev Dot Kruz is back on dotdotdot records with a super-duper double-header release. This is a producer that we totally fan on and look forward to his destiny of conquering the House Music scene.
First up is “Destiny” with those soothing keyboard hits upfront, the tribalistic rolling drum rhythms, soulful vocals that’ll put you in a perfectly hypnotic and romantic mood.
Next up is “Sum’n Goin On” which brings down the tempo just a bit but keeps the journey intact with its intermittent vocal call outs, that perfect 4/4 on the floor, addictive housey keyboards and the funkiest hook. Check out both of the extended mixes and the radio edits, mastered by the master himself – Eric Kupper. You, too, will get hooked.

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