Perry Engineering “Give Me That Beat!” (dotdotdot records)


dotdotdot records welcomes back Australian producer Perry Engineering, aka Scott Perry with a bumpin’ new follow up.

Carrying on the legacy of regional DJs that dates back to the late 80’s, Perry proves once again that the sound lives on and is truly thriving.

His latest jam, Give Me That Beat!, blends the many flavors ever present in House Music.

It’s got a soulful 90’s New York meets London flair but dragged into the early 21st Century vibe, peppered with crystal clear snares, a deep bottom end and smooth piano chords to move any dance floor.
Just as you’re lifted out of this world, the vocal loop comes in and drops you down, right in the middle of the dance floor where you lose yourself in its rhythmic simplicity.

Perry Engineering takes the 4/4 and makes you beg for more. We’re all slaves to the rhythm. So c’mon now, Give Me That Beat!


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