KayDeeVee & Eman S featuring Minnie C – Ngilinde Ngalinda (IAH Records)


KayDeeVee & Eman S featuring Minnie C – Ngilinde Ngalinda (IAH Records)
Music is truly our universal language. A legion of passions conveyed in its message regardless of tongue, spark feelings of joy, fury, sadness, desire and everything in between. This song is one such prime example where even if you don’t understand the language, you can hear and feel pure emotion coming through. IAH Records is proud to present South African rhythmic artists KayDeeVee and Eman S featuring Minnie C as they debut their “Ngilinde Ngalinda” single on the label. Sung in their native Zulu, they express a longing for getting back to one’s roots. As KayDeeVee explains: “We wrote this song seeing that a lot of young people are running away from tradition and culture. The song cries out, “I waited and waited… and they not coming back.” Eman S elaborates, “We call young African people who have lost their cultural beliefs… In this song we want to emphasize the culture [they were born into] must be more important than running to other cultures.” Pop culture has certainly infiltrated modern society, causing tradition to often take a back seat to the latest craze. The producers of this tune are taking it all back and presenting it with a modern twist, finding solace in dance music as a way of reclaiming their heritage through song. Here on “Ngilinde Ngalinda,” primal afro-tech drums and hypnotic loops charm the dancer as lengthy dark deep vibrato keystrokes whip the mind into a frenzy, and beautiful harmonious chants in native tongue wake up the senses. This is Afro House in its purest form, folks. Get ready to bask in its glory.


Produced by KayDeeVee and Eman S
Written by S. Dlamini (SAMRO), K. Kheswa (SAMRO), M. Cele (SAMRO)
Vocals performed by KayDeeVee and Minnie C
Engineered and Mixed by Senzo Dlamini
Recording Studio: Passionlyfe Entertainment, Durban, SA
Mastered by MK Mastering
Executive Producer: Crystal Waters
Label Manager / A&R Director: Joe Berinato
Administrative Social Media: Grace Hill
Artwork by Adnan Dervisevic
Label Distributed by Symphonic Distribution
2020 (c) & (p) IAH Records, LLC

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