Mistier “Move With Me” Original Mixes (Mistier Music)

Mistier returns with another electronic music production aimed to elevate the spirit and move the dancefloor in equal measure. ‘Move With Me’ follows Mistier’s debut solo release ‘We Can Dream’ and continues this unique project designed to deliver a melodic house sound that connects people at a deeper level.‘Move With Me’ is a vocal-led, melodic house, built with beautifully layered production to create a driving, uplifting groove. The bass synth riff imbues the track with a sense of Eastern mysticism, triggering an atavistic desire to move to the beat, while the heartfelt lyrics remind us of the spiritual connection open to us all through music and the dancefloor. The breakdown showcases the emotive vocal delivery of Andre Mistier as it builds into a drop that is set to bring people together, whether on a dancefloor or swaying to the beats under the stars.

With consummate musician and vocalist, Andre Mistier, at its centre, Mistier brings together a collective of musical and visual creatives aiming to inspire a transformative journey. Each piece of music is a step forward as is the release of its upcoming animated music video series ‘Borderless Magnitudes’ in collaboration with visual director Allison Harrell. “Move With Me’ continues Mistier’s mission to expand consciousness and connection through electronic music.

Written by Andre Mistier (BMI)
Produced by Andre Mistier & Anthony Fonseca
Mixed by Anthony Fonseca
Mastered by Audio Animals
(c) & (p) 2023 Mistier Music

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