Roger Silver “Night Candy” [Subdivision Music]


Producer/DJ Roger Silver welcomes back singer Gaby Nesmith on his latest production, “Night Candy.” Releasing on Roger’s label Subdivision Music, this easy-flowing groover takes Gaby’s sweet vocal to new heights as she weaves seamlessly through the syncopated, pulsating synths and tappy percussion. We have two remixes from renowned producer Alex Kenji who offers up a dynamic House affair with claps, smacks, riffs with an unrelenting beat and vibe. Rounding off the release is from Kususa, one of South Africa’s most sought after artists. Rated one of the Top Afro House duo on Traxsource, they’ve seen their share of releases on Dopewax, Armada, N.E.O.N Japan, and they’ve been willfully supported by the likes of Black Coffee, Eno Napa, Karyendasoul and many others who are sure to enjoy their Afro Tech rendition of Night Candy as well.


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