David Anthony & Claudia Melton “Right Time” (Planet Hum Music)

What is House Music if not dance-able R&B? That’s what the legendary founder of West End Records and co-owner of the Paradise Garage, Mel Cheren (RIP) once coined. This notion could not be more apparent than on producer David Anthony’s latest jam with singer Claudia Melton, who has sung alongside and opened for a plethora of talented artists, including Grammy Award-winner Norah Jones, Robert Glasper, Common, Boyz II Men, Erykah Badu, Eric Roberson, and more. Picture it now, you’re laying by the pool or at the beach with toes in the sand, sippin a frozen something and this song comes on with its smooth silky vocals, rolling rhythm, sweet soft bassline, and luxurious harmonies. Instant Good Mood. All the while thinking, there’s no better Right Time than right now… #vibes.

Composed, Mixed & Produced by David Anthony
Songwriters: Claudia Melton, Carl Melton
Bass Guitar: David Deberry
Electric Guitar & Keyboards: David Anthony
for Planet Hum South Beach (ASCAP)
(c) (p) Planet Hum South Beach 2024

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