RYTERBAND “Echoes” (Boxer Remix) RYTERBAND Records

Boxer and RYTERBAND have been gleeful collaborators for almost half a decade. They’ve co-produced releases for Anjunadeep, Colorize, and This Never Happened, and racked up millions of streams. And all this despite never having met in person! When RYTERBAND started searching for a remixer for his latest indie dance release, “Echoes,” Boxer was the obvious first choice.  This progressive house rendition came together in a matter of weeks, thanks to Boxer’s impeccable musical taste, and a brand new studio he just finished building by hand in Worcester, UK.  Boxer & RYTERBAND are both proud to announce their fifth collaborative release, the Boxer Remix of “Echoes.”  This is the second and final remix of “Echoes” which follows the release of the Echoes EP last November.  It also represents a small milestone (the fifth single) in an ongoing collaboration between RYTERBAND and Boxer.  It is immediately preceded by “Oceans (Acoustic)”—releases May 10—which is RYTERBAND’s acoustic cover of his and Boxer’s wildly successful 2024 melodic house single by the same name. Following “Echoes (Boxer Remix)” Boxer will be touring throughout Europe through the summer, promoting this release.  Boxer and RYTERBAND’s next collaborative single, “Human,” is slated for a late-2024 release on Anjunadeep.

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