Ryterband – Brilliant Eyes – Original and Indian Wells Remix (Ryterband Music)

LA songwriter & producer RYTERBAND has released his new single & video 'Brilliant Eyes,' available to streamnowon YouTube, Spotify, AppleMusic, and all DSPs worldwide. 'Brilliant Eyes' is the third act in RYTERBAND's music video trilogy, and will be featured on his forthcoming debut EP Undefended, co-produced by GRAMMY-winner Robert Cutarella. The track takes listeners through a dreamlike sonic fantasy, exploring the transcendent aspects of love.

'Love is a lens,' explains creator Jason Ryterband. 'It's a way of experiencing ourselves and the world. Love expands time, space, and possibilities. This is what 'Brilliant Eyes' is about.'

The song's accompanying music video features its main character in the final stages of a journey of self-discovery and empowerment—a journey that began two songs earlier with the first single, ' Stay Awake .' 'At this point in the story, she has ventured out and faced her

demons. She sees how all the challenges and joys of her life have come together to make her who she is. As the singer, I play an omniscient presence celebrating along with her. I could be a lover, a parent, or even the main character's own soul—a symbol of her love for herself.' The stunning original version is now seeing a remix package by Italian producer Indian Wells and UK’s Jody Wisternoff of the legendary duo Way Out West.

A creative polymath, Ryterband has been channeling his passion into music, dance, visual media, and a variety of bands and partnerships ever since joining his first a cappella group at the University of Pennsylvania. But it was the catalyzing influence of meditation that turned a distant whisper into the electronic rallying cry that is RYTERBAND.

Throughout his debut EP Undefended , Ryterband weaves universal stories of heart and human potential, combining haunting vocals with lush production that spans the continuum between rock, ambient, and EDM. 'It can just as easily make you dance as it can make you cry.'

Ryterband's versatility has landed him numerous placements in TV and film as a composer, songwriter, and vocalist. His work has appeared in over 40 TV shows and movies, including Brooklyn 99, The Good Place, Rules of Engagement , Arrested Development , Footloose , Prom , and Sponge Bob 2. He has also scored advertisements for Cadillac, Budweiser, Ikea, and Payless Shoes. As a singer and frontman, he has performed throughout LA, including appearances at The Roxy, House of Blues, and dozens of other venues. He has edited music on many hit television shows including Euphoria, Superstore, and Superior Donuts. In December 2019, he was nominated for a Golden Reel for music editorial on season four of The Good Place.

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