David Anthony & Dani Vasser “Till We See The Sun” (Planet Hum Music)

Renowned house producer David Anthony emerges from the lab once again with sweet soulful singer Dani Vasser for a feel-good vibey house tune “Till We See The Sun” on Planet Hum. David and Dani’s debut collab “I Keeps It Moving” was supported by the likes of Benji Candelario, Kenny Summit, Quentin Harris, Georgie Porgie, Jeannie Hopper (Liquid Sound Lounge), Niall Redmond (Digital Groove, RTE Pulse), Sammy Rock (Cyberjamz), Sir Charles (SXM Studio 54), Rich LaMotte (WBLS) and even Lady Bunny got into the action. We’re sure to get a rise out of this follow up too. This time on “Till We See The Sun” David brings multi-instrumentalist and engineer Danny Mercado into the fold. Having worked with Luther Vandross, George Benson, Olivia from G Unit, Joe and others, he brought his skills and many years of experience to the tune giving it additional 4/4 splendor. This is just one of those uplifting jams that instantly puts the shine in your mood. Pure joy.
Produced by David Anthony
Written by David Anthony, Dani Vasser, and Danny Mercado
for Planet Hum South Beach (ASCAP)
Additional Remix and Production by David Anthony
© ℗ Planet Hum South Beach 2023


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